Announcements ~ Monday Jan. 13/20

Attention Eagles sports team players, do you need volunteer hours???? The Dryden Native Friendship Centre is looking for student volunteers to join them in February for a gym night program. For more information on this or other volunteer opportunities please visit us in the main office or guidance.
There are tryouts in Kenora this weekend for those interested in Aboriginal Team Ontario. Girls and boys basketball & volleyball players can compete later this year. Dates and contact info are available on the front desk in the main office.
Deadline to purchase 2019/2020 yearbooks is Tues Jan 21/20, Please visit the main office if you wish to do so. Extra copies will not be available.
STEAM Horizon Awards will award 5 Canadian students $25,000 each to attend a Canadian university, college to study in a STEAM field which stands for: science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Two of these awards will be given to Indigenous students. The deadline to apply is WEDNESDAY (Jan15) Check it out on the DHS website or come to the guidance office for more information.
REMINDER: To University-bound students to complete and submit their 101 application before the WEDNESDAY (Jan15) deadline.