Thurs. June 8th Announcements

June 8 Please check your lockers and at home for any library items that you are finished with and return them to the Librarian ASAP.
June 8 All track and field athletes can bring their uniforms to Ms. Hoshizaki in the Art room by Wednesday.  Please leave your name with your uniform.  Also, track fees are due to the office as soon as possible.
June 8 Arts Council Banquet is on Friday, June 16th.  Tickets are on sale in the music and drama rooms.  Pick them up before Monday as that is the cut-off date.
June 8 On Monday, there will be a brief meeting for all grade 12 graduating students. Weather permitting, it will be outside on the bleachers, otherwise in the big gym. Attendance is mandatory.
June 8 Safe Grad tickets are available at the office if you have not already rec’d yours.
June 8 “Any grade 12 Cosmo student can take their end task and short Hair Designs home. Thank you for letting Mrs. Durocher display them for semester 2”.
June 8 Students who are interested in summer school should go to the Guidance Office to pick up registration forms.  There are options for French Immersion classes, independent learning, summer co-op, dual credit and civics & careers.  Sign up soon!!!
June 8 Reminder to those students who will be going away to post-secondary school to check the external bursary section of the website as changes are made on a regular basis.
June 8 There are numerous opportunities for getting your volunteer hours… Come to the main office or Guidance office for further contact information if you are interested.
June 8


Reminder to pick up your student card in the main office.