POWER of 10 Workshop – Grade 10 Female Students

Thursday Sept 11


All grade 10 female students will be a part of this mandatory HEALTH and WELLNESS workshop.  It is a workshop that uses activities that  will bring in aspects of mindfulness, acceptance, awareness, and self-esteem in a way that is tangible and relatable to grade 10 girls. Each workshop should bring out a unique aspect of these topics so that by the end of the day the girls can clearly see the purpose and usefulness of the experiences they had.

Students should wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather.  We will be based out of the Fort in Vermillion Bay as well as Lillian Berg school.  Students from Vermillion Bay or Eagle River who wish to meet the program in Vermillion Bay need prior approval from DHS administration. Lunch will be provided for the students, and it consists of a wrap, vegetables and a dessert.  Students may want to bring a re-useable water bottle.