Morning Announcements – June 1, 2010

June 1 – 4 Okay, Music Man Folk, it is time to burn the scripts and music.  Talk to Mr. Mitchell and Mr. G for info.  By the way, it is on Thursday & if you still owe Mr. G money for a shirt, bring it to him!
June 1 Mrs. Tremonti’s period 2 class is here at the school today!
June 1 Volunteers are needed to carry the Centennial Quilts in a parade on Saturday, July 30th.  If you are interested please sign up in the main office.
June 1 Attention all Visual Art Association members.  There is a mandatory meeting today at 11:30 a.m. in the Art room.  It will be a planning session for next year & elections will be discussed.  See you there!
June 1 Relay for Life captain’s meeting is tonight @ 6:30 in DHS library.  Athletes are reminded to sell & hand in the stubs & money from cash calendars this week.  Girls soccer team – please have your lockers cleaned out by tomorrow @ noon.
June 1 Dryden Fire Service Hall 2 is looking for volunteers for the highway clean up in June.  Contact Jim Osborne @ 937-5058.
June 1 Athletic Awards Banquet is Thurs. June 10th.  Tickets are on sale & can be bought from the Phys. Ed. office  for $10.00.  All athletes & their parents are welcome.  See the posters around the school for the theme & more information
June 1 Attention all potential and past graduates!  If you have not filled out the Questionnaire for Grade 12 Students, please go to the guidance office.  These forms need to be filled out as soon as possible.
June 1 If you are a student in need of volunteer hours, organizers of Dryden’s first ever Centennial Run on Aug. 8th, are hoping to get some volunteers to help out at this event.  Help would be needed at hydration stations approximately every 2 km along the race route, help with set up and clean up and other race related jobs would also be available.  For more information call 223 – 4550.
June 1 Vermilion Bay Seniors Club is looking for student volunteers to help with an event on June 26th.  They would need help with setting up of tables and chairs, serving meals and then clean up after the event.  For more information call 755-1512.