Spread the Net Talent Show at DHS

Jessie Penner plays the bass in Lucid at the DHS Spread the Net talent show.

Jessie Penner plays the bass in "Lucid" at the DHS Spread the Net talent show.

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On Thursday, Mrs. Gardam’s leadership class ran a talent show to raise funds for Spread the Net. Spread the Net is a campaign to purchase insect treated bed nets to help stop the spread of malaria in Rwanda and Liberia.

Marissa Himes opened the show by singing “O Canada”. This was followed by a dance group featuring Sarah Ivanovich, Sarah Nuttal, Marissa Himes, Katrina Oliphant and EA Mrs. Armstrong. Preston Robinson performed a solo set, followed by singing trio Holly Mackay, Starlynn Cimone & Katie Carrier. Shyla Moore performed next, wowing the crowd with her great dance moves. The show was closed out by three bands featuring DHS students – Climactic Contact, Hollywood Hates Us and Lucid.

Thanks to all the performers for the great show and everyone who bought tickets to support Spread the Net!

For more information on Spread the Net, visit their webpage here.