Local Bursaries & Scholarships (over $50, 000 Available) – Open April 1, 2013

2013 Application Process will be open April 1, 2013


  1. In order to qualify for local bursaries and scholarships, students must:
    • have attended Dryden High School as a fulltime student; took three classes in at least one semester for this school year
    • be in the their final year of high school prior to attending a post-secondary institution
    • attend the post-secondary institution within the upcoming school year
    • If scholarship recipients graduated last year, they DO NOT attend the graduation ceremonies. Bursaries and/or scholarships will be mailed out.
  2. Print or view a copy of the Local Bursaries & Scholarships booklet.
  3. When applying for awards, students must complete a separate application form for each bursary, award or scholarship that requires an application. Some bursaries and scholarships require a separate application form over and above the generic application. The proper application forms that are required are listed beside each bursary or scholarship; a link to the required application is listed below.
  4. Students do not send their transcripts with their application. Scholarship or bursary sponsors who require a transcript will request them directly from the guidance office.
  5. Applications are to be received by the donor by the deadline listed. Note that not all deadlines are the same.
  6. If any additional bursaries or scholarships come available, students will be informed through the school bulletin, the announcements and this website.
  7. If there are any questions or you need help please contact Diane Jacobsen at the guidance office through email (diane.jacobsen@kpdsb.on.ca) or phone 223-2316 ext. 232

Application Forms

(note: all forms are fillable Word files – your information can be typed directly into the forms and printed)

  1. DHS Application
  2. Dr. Pan Memorial Bursary
  3. Dryden Rotary Club
  4. Keewatin Patricia Elementary Teachers
  5. Northern Lights Credit Union – please mail application to PO Box 876, Dryden, ON P8N 2Z5
  6. Northwest Catholic District School Board
  7. Northwestern Health Unit
  8. Royal Arch Masons
  9. RCL Ladies Auxiliary
  10. RCL Technical Award
  11. RCL NWO
  12. RCL Dr. George Plumridge

 Updates and Corrections:

Lake of the Woods Chapter PEO Bursary

Criteria: Must be enrolling in an accredited engineering program in Canada.

Due Date:   May 31, 2012

Email application (click here to download application form) to:  tom.kurtz@opg.com


A $200 bursary for a student in his/her final year of high school who is continuing to post-secondary education in the field of aviation.  Payable upon confirmation of registration in September.

Application:  #1 DHS Application

Due:  May 18, 2012

Send completed application to:  Mrs. Lynne Pateman – Dryden High School – Main Office


This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating student who commits to furthering their education at a post secondary institution and who has demonstrated their commitment to helping others and the community in the spirit of Paying it Forward.  The scholarship will be in the amount of 1% of our restaurant sales on Monday nights during the school year, from September through May (Approx. $500).  Along with your application, please attach a recommendation from a teacher stating your contribution to others and your community

Application:  #1 DHS Application

Due:  May 18, 2012

Send completed application to:     
Mr. Norman Bain
149 Third Street
Dryden, ON
P8N 2V8