DHS Eagle’s Nest introduces new drinks

Eagles Nest staff trying out the new frozen drink machine.

Eagle's Nest staff trying out the new frozen drink machine.

The Eagle’s Nest is now selling Iced Capps and Frozen Lemonade. This popular addition was introduced by the entrepreneurship class after they noticed that many students were drinking beverages from Tim Hortons or Starbucks. According to entrepreneurship teacher Mrs. Palermo, they felt there was an opportunity to offer a frozen beverage to the students which was sold somewhere closer and perhaps less expensive than the other businesses.

The entrepreneurship class went to classes and did a survey as to student flavor preference.  Based on the survey and supplier info, they opted to start out with the Frozen Cappuccino and Frozen Lemonade flavours.  

Stop by the Eagle’s Nest today and grab a tasty frozen beverage!

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