WELCOME TO QUAD 2!! Wear your Mask!

Introduction to Information Technology (BTT100)
Introduction to Business 10 (BBI2O0)
Marketing 11 (BMI3C0)    
Accounting 11 (BAF3MO/BAI3EO)  
Where are you Mr. Beatty? (Semester 2- 2018/2019)
Accounting 12 (BAT4MO)    
Entrepreneurship 11 (BDI3CO)   Block A Entrepreneurship 11 (BDI3CO) Room 118  
Information and Communication Technology (BTA3O0/BTX4C0)   Block B Accounting 11 (BAF3MO/BAI3EO)
Accounting 12 (BAT4MO)
Room 118

Business Leadership 12 (BOH4MO)   Lunch Come in for extra help!!! Bring your lunch! Room 118 or school store
    Block C Prep/Math 9 Room 211
  Block D Prep/Math 9 Room 211
Check out these Great Financial/Business Websites    
Email Mr. Beatty  

Parents/Guardians: Please feel free to contact me anytime about any issues about your child.   I can be reached at 223-2316 ext. 150 or email me at . Please encourage your child to come in at lunch for extra help or getting work marked should they need this.

Students: Please feel free to stop in for extra help before school, at lunch, or after school.  This is a great chance to get that extra help, get caught up, get things marked, etc. I can also be reached by email.  Please feel free to bring chocolate, coffee (milk and sugar please), or other such gifts. Ha!

A Reminder to Students: Please email me any work that you are proud of and I will put it on the web for you. This way you can brag to parents, friends and (potential) girlfriends or boyfriends.

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