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Start Date September 19, 2001

Apple Project Donation
$2,848.65 Canadian
* * *
Dedicated to the people of New York who have touched us all in this time of personal tragedy during the worst Terrorist attack in the history of the United States, September 11, 2001. For the innocent victims. For the families with lost loved ones. For the men and women who have given their all in a time of need.

09 25 01    "Apple Tag Donations"   $241.70. Thank you homeroom teachers &    students.                             
09 26 01    Dryden High School Grade 9 & 10
                   Friends of the Big Apple  $125.70 Donation                               
09 26 01    "Apple Tag Donation" $216.26 Homerooms
                     and students                                                                                                          
10 05 01    Timberland Motel, Dryden, Ontario,
                   Donated $100.00
10 10 01    Applegates, Students Donate for
                   Hall Passes $454.05
10 11 01    Hat Badges, to wear hats in school. $148.01
10 29 01    Apple Can at Subway, $56.70
10 31 01    Kathy's Hair Cut,  $1,195. 94  +

                   Thanks to:

                       S. Cummings,
                       Eagle's Eye Student Paper  
11 15 01    Hair Cut   $38.76
12 18 01    1. Classroom Donations $11.53
                   2. Christmas Raffle $260.00
                   Thanks to:

                   Boffo Bag Co.
                   Delaney' of Dryden

                   Honorable Jane Stewart
P. C.  M. P.
                   Dryden Police

                   Dryden Recreation Centre
                   Dryden Safeway

                   Ella Lynn Inc

                   Red Eagle
                   Wal-Mart Canada Dryden


    TOTAL DONATIONS: $2,848.65 Canadian Funds


TD Canada Trust
Bank of Montreal






* * *Special Note * * *

On August 7, 2002 two members of the Apple Project were asked to participate in the taping of Public Service Announcements in New York City for the September 11 Fund. With the financial support of the Dryden High School, three Canadian Employee Unions, Several Private Businesses and additional Dryden Corporations three more member of the group will be able to participate in the filming. No matter what is used in the taping...every member of the group feel it is an unbelievable honor and privilege to assist in any way.



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Heather Y.  Black,  Student Contact, Dryden High School, Dryden,  ON.,  Canada
James A. Black,  Teacher,   Dryden High School,    Dryden, Ontario, Canada

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