CBC Radio-Canada Propaganda Poster Contest

What if you believed in a cause and you wanted everyone else to come on board? How would you do it? How would you sell it? Whatever your method, you would probably be engaging in the creation of PROPAGANDA.

CBC Radio-Canada is challenging secondary and post-secondary students to be our new message makers.  Choose a cause, perhaps one that is near and dear to your heart, like animal rights, or better food in the school cafeteria, or perhaps global warming or protecting the environment. And then create your own persuasive pitch, your own ‘propaganda campaign’.

Propaganda is a form of communication that tries to persuade people to support a view or a cause.  It uses words and pictures in compelling ways to sway opinion and influence attitudes.  To some, it’s the art of persuasion; to others, it’s a “black art” that can mislead and deceive. It probably depends a lot on who’s making it!

In this contest, YOU are the PROPAGANDIST !

There are two ways to enter:

Create a propaganda poster or Create a video, no longer than thirty seconds.

All material must be original.  No film, video, drawings or photographs allowed from other sources.

For more information and to learn how to enter, see the CBC Propaganda Poster Contest website.

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DHS Students – Enter the Canadian Mathematics Competition

Looking for a chance to develop or test your mathematics skills? Dryden High School is enrolling students in the Canadian Mathematics Competition to be held on Thursday, February 25, 2010.

The aim of the Contest is to provide an opportunity to have fun and develop mathematical problem solving ability.

Each Contest consists of twenty-five multiple choice questions ranging from easy to difficult. Each contest is sixty minutes in length, and will begin at 9:00 a.m. Any calculator is permitted.

The deadline for signups is this Thursday, December 3rd.

For more information, see Mr. Currie in room 208.

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“Dryden through My Lens” Photo Contest

illustration [Converted] (230 x 172)Are you an aspiring photographer? Here is a chance to win prizes and have your pictures featured online and in print! The Dryden Development Corporation is holding a photo contest open to all Dryden residents, with a category for youth 17 and under.

Along with more than $1500 in cash prizes, winning photos may be featured in the City of Dryden’s bi-annual Leisure Guide, displayed on www.ExploreDryden.ca website, featured in newsletters, and may be used in other ways to promote the City. In addition, photographers will also receive recognition by the City of Dryden Council, the Dryden Development Corporation and Dryden Marketing Association.

People – Friends, family, neighbors, crowds or people at public events, etc.
Adventure – Outdoor adventures based on Dryden’s exceptional landscape; climbing, surfing, snowmobiling, camping, hiking, climbing, biking, etc.
Places – Parks, homes, neighborhoods, intersections, businesses, city facilities, city events, etc.
Nature – Flowers, plants, wildlife, landscape, sunset or sunrise, etc.
Black and White – The picture can be of anything or anyone in Dryden. However, the camera must be set to black and white when taking the photograph. Photos may not be altered in any way utilizing PhotoShop or comparable programs.

Entry forms and releases are available on-line at www.ExperienceDryden.ca. (click on Photo Contest).

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