Community Involvement Hours

There are a number of volunteer opportunities coming up for those of you who still need to earn their volunteer hours, or wish to upgrade past the needed 40 hours.

Remember that before you help at an event to double check that it is an approved site for earning volunteer first!  Mrs. Penner has lists in Guidance to double check, or you can access the file (and volunteer sheet!) here: 

1.  Mrs. Penner displays volunteer opportunities on her plexiglass board in Guidance, and Mrs. May posts these items on our DHS Facebook page.

2.  Check out CKDR Events Page –   There are many approved volunteer organizations who are hosting different events in the next few weeks.

3. TUTORING – we are in need of math, science, and English tutors for grade 9, 10, and 11 subjects at all levels.  Tutoring usually occurs during the lunch hour or after school, depending on your schedule.  Please see us in Guidance to indicate your interest for any or all of these subject areas.

There will be a paid tutoring position available as of the beginning of October, but this will be open to students who have already completed their 40 volunteer hours.  You will be paid for up to 75 hours of tutoring time.  This student/students need to be adaptable in all subject and grade areas.  Please let me know if you are interested in this position.

Ms Seitz 

DHS Guidance Department

Phone: 223-2316 x.231