Message to Parents and Students.

Good Morning Parents, Guardians and Caregivers

The end of the school year is fast approaching.  There have been some minor changes to the quad 4, end of term timelines presented to us from our board.  Due to all classes being virtual, KPDSB has decided that there will be no exams for quadmester 4, but final culminating tasks, tests etc., will still occur with a % of the student’s final grade up to 30%. 

The last instructional day/culminating day for grade 12 classes is Friday, June 18th.  Students who need “credit rescue” opportunities to pass the class and potentially graduate will have a chance to do so on June 21-22.  DHS Grad will be June 25th (more details to be released once our DHS Student Grad Ceremony Committee’s plan is approved by the board and health unit). 

The last instruction/culminating day for Grades 9-11 is Tuesday, June 22nd.  Students who need “credit rescue” opportunities will have the opportunity to do so on June 23-24. 

I will share this same email with all our students’ K12 accounts.

It is imperative for all DHS students to check with their teachers for their up-to-date mark, any missing or incomplete assignments that can still be handed in, and if any poorly done assignments can be redone etc…   With culminating tasks still to be completed, students need to keep focused these last 5 – 7 days of school.  If students want to earn a credit or attain their potential level of achievement, there is some hard work still ahead.

Please continue to refer to board emails etc… for the latest updates – if we have something more to add, we will put it on our social media sites and, in the circumstances as this, will email everyone.

Thank you for your continued support through this turbulent year; students will get through as they have become very resilient.  Everyone is looking forward to a fresh start in the fall.

Thank you – Miigwetch

Richard Hodgkinson