DHS Student wins award, bursary for life saving efforts.

DHS Student Justin Jordens

Justin Jordens  was only looking for a summer job.  What he found however, was a life changing event that lead him to be recognized provincially for his heroics.

Justin traveled to Belleville, Ontario this past weekend to receive the Amber Booth award for excellence in Health and Safety after an incident that happened while he was working at Blue Lake park this past summer.

Jordens says “The morning of the incident, I was cleaning the beach and had a conversation with a Paramedic who was visiting the park.  I told him that we had an AED (automated external defibrillator) at the park, and remember remarking that ‘we never have to use it.’  Little did I know that later that same day, I would find myself in a position to be using the AED.”

Justin performed first aid, with the help of others,  on a patient in distress while a member of maintenance staff at Blue Lake Park.  The incident happened in late July at Blue Lake park.  Although the patient succumbed to his condition,  Jorden’s training and instincts were applied expertly in the situation.

As a result of his efforts, Justin was nominated for, and won The Amber Booth award for excellence in Health and Safety, as well as a bursary from MNR parks for $500.

Justin travelled to Belleville, Ontario on October 18 with Scott Ellery, park Superintendent for the Dryden Cluster of parks.

Looking to the future, Jordens says “I want to go in to medicine, that’s kind of my goal right now.”  Jordens graduated in June 2014 as an Ontario Scholar with a 90.00% average on his 12U courses. He has continued his high school studies to pick up a 12U Physics credit and Co-Op in the Physiotherapy unit of the Dryden Regional Health Centre.  He is also a lifeguard at the Dryden Pool.

Reflecting on the incident, Jordens says  “His chances of survival were increased substantially by having an AED available.  I hope this incident reinforces the importance of having an AED available in all public spaces.”