Nov 3rd is “Take Our Kids to Work Day”

On Wednesday November 3, 2010, over 200,000 grade 9  students across Canada will spend the day at work, job shadowing a parent, relative, friend or volunteer host.

For more information, check out this “Take Our Kids to Work Day” brochure.

What will students get out of the program?
• Develop an appreciation for the importance of staying in school and getting a high school diploma and pursuing post-secondary studies.
• Gain exposure to the skills required in today’s workplaces.
• Develop an appreciation for their parents’ roles in making a living and supporting their families.
• Begin career discussions with adults about the work they do.
• Gain a better understanding of the complexity of career choices and the benefi ts of early exploration.
• Explore career options in practical ways.

What will parents get out of the program?
• Participate in a shared experience with your child.
• Begin career discussions and dialogue based on actual experiences.
• Enrich the experience for your child by providing opportunities to talk before, during and after the visit.

Where can students go for the day?
Where possible, parents invite their own child to spend a day on the job. If you are unable to host your own child, there are still ways for your child to participate. Here are some suggestions:
• Ask a relative, neighbour or family friend to host your child at his/her workplace.
• Contact the school, speak with the principal, career studies or co-op teacher, ask if they can assist you with finding a suitable placement.
• Ask the parent of another grade 9 student who is participating if your child could join him/her for the day.
• Contact local businesses. Ask if they are hosting students for Take Our Kids to Work™. Inquire if someone within their organization would be willing to host your child providing you make the necessary transportation arrangements.