DHS Athletic Awards Banquet

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Dryden High School honoured its athletes in the annual Athletic Awards Banquet last night in the Gordon Wood Auditorium. Student athetes, coaches, parents and teachers came together for a banquet and awards presentation. The Awards Assembly always has a unique theme, and this year was no different as guests created costumes out of “Anything But Clothes”.

The female and male rookies of the year were Alana Benson and Cody Kaus. Jacob Gardam is Sportsman of the year and Jessica Skillen Sportswoman.

The Athlete of the Year award was split on the female side, with Melissa Felske and Lauren Shoguci sharing the honour. Adam Swientek is Male Athlete of the Year.

Congratulations to all athletes and coaches on another great season of DHS Athletics!

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Most Dedicated-Jayme Gamble
Most Improved-Janelle Hron

Girls Soccer
Most Valuable-Lauren Shoguchi
Most Improved-Melissa Felske

Boys Soccer
Most Valuable-Matt Bartlett
Most Improved-Alex Moore

Junior Boys Volleyball
Most Valuable-Sawyer Kluke
Most Improved-Kevin Wyllie

Junior Girls Volleyball
Most Improved-Wilma Oombash
Most Valuable-Emilee Gardam

Junior Boys Basketball
Most Valuable-Kurtis Burnell
Most Improved-Cody Kaus

Junior Girls Basketball
Most Valuable-Morgan Church
Most Improved-Ashley Kropelin

Senior Girls Volleyball
Most Valuable-Meryl Smith/Melissa Felske
Most Improved-Callie Graboski
Most Dedicated-Jessica Skillen

Senior Boys Volleyball
Most Valuable-Kyle Bembeneck
Most Improved-Jacob Gardam

Senior Girls Basketball
Most Valuable-Jessica Skillen
Most Improved-Andrea Loutitt
Most Dedicated-Lauren Shoguchi

Senior Boys Basketball
Most Valuable-Jacob Gardam
Most Improved-Kyle Bembeneck

Top Defensive Player-Jamie Mesics
Top Offensive Player-Derek Tattrie
Top Lineman-Jordan Tizzard
Most Improved-Jake Berrey

Most Valuable Female-Nicole Valiquette
Most Valuable Male-Garrett Lindquist
Spirit of Running Award-Dominique Gardner

Boys Badminton
Most Valuable Junior-Josh Dahmer
Most Valuable Senior-Kyle Bembeneck

Girls Badminton
Most Valuable Junior-Emilie Kennedy
Most Valuable Senior-Callie Graboski

Boys Hockey
Most Valuable-Ryan Lobreau
Most Improved-Carney McConnachie

Girls Hockey
Most Valuable-Morgan Church
Most Improved-Kristen Bartlett
Most Dedicated-Lauren Shoguchi

Most Valuable-Jhan Czajkowski
Most Improved-Patrick Wall

Girls Golfing
Most Valuable-Amanda Wheatley

Boys Golf
Most Valuable-Brett Getson