Schoolhouse Student Information System

Schoolhouse Student Information System is a secure, encrypted webpage which parents or guardians can log in to in order to access current student attendance, achievement and contact information. Schoolhouse aims to provide a convenient and effective way to monitor student progress at Dryden High School.

To use Schoolhouse, parents or guardians must register an email address with Dryden High School, then access the Schoolhouse site to create an account.

If your email address is already on file with DHS, you are ready to begin – simply click the Schoolhouse link in the righthand column of the webpage.

If your email address is not on file, you must contact Diane Jacobsen at 223-2316 ext. 232 or

Creating your Schoolhouse Account:

1. Contact the school and give them your email address.
2. When the email address is added to your records, you can go to the Schoolhouse page and click on “First Time Users”
3. The system will ask you for the email address that you have registered at the school. Enter the email and click Create Account.
4. The system will create a one-time temporary password for you and email it to you at that address.
5. Retrieve the email and then re-enter the site using this email account and temporary password. You will be prompted to reset your password: (In this case “Old Password” is the temporary one from the email). These passwords are encrypted during transport and storage, so no-one will have access to your password but you.
6. The system will now ask for a secret question and answer for you to retrieve forgotten passwords in the future. Choose a question that is reasonably secure and has a clear well-defined answer for you.

You can now log in and begin using Schoolhouse.