Morning Announcements – April 9, 2010

April 9 – 13 Have you heard the excitement?  The DHS Ambassadors have just returned from Ireland, Scotland & England and have ALREADY begun planning their 2011 tour to Russia.  If you are interested in joining the Ambassadors on their tour of Russia, please come to the sign-up and information meeting on Tuesday, April 13/10 at 6:30 p.m. in the school library.
April 9 Civics class – CHV2O0-08 (Block D, Mrs. Bullock) will attend the motivational assembly during Block B, today.  If a test has been scheduled, the student is to remain in Block B class.
April 9 Here is a shout out to the music man folks.  That means everyone.  There is a rehearsal Sat. 9 – 4:30ish.  Bring $5.00 and a pot luck dessert…we have a lot to do!!  Come energized with the minuet in G.
April 9 If you are a student in need of some volunteer hours – the Full Gospel Church needs you for stitch ripping for costumes.  Contact Jim Shearer at 937-1901.
April 9 Another opportunity for some volunteer hours.  The Canadian Cancer Society is looking for 2 volunteers for 4 hours each next week or on the weekend – when ever is best for you.  Call Marg at 223-7950
Apr. Grade 12 graduating students…graduation is only a few months away.  Orders for your cap and gown can now be made at the office.  $20.00 will reserve a cap and gown … a requirement for walking across the stage.  If you are choosing not to attend the graduation ceremonies, please fill out a form indicating a cap and gown will not be required.
Mar. – April

Thursdays & Fridays only

Remember:  The Grade 12 Cosmetology class is offering Thursday and Friday lunch hour salon services for the month of April.  Request your stylist on sign-up sheets at room 124A or in the main office.