Morning Announcements – April 8, 2010

April 8 Ms. McMaster’s PPZ class is at the Rec Centre today.  You are to go to the classroom on Friday.
April 8 There will be a badminton practice on Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. – with juniors first and seniors second.
April 8 Pit Band, you da band!  You da band who needs to come after school for rehearsal!
April 8 Here is a shout out to the music man folks.  That means everyone.  There is a rehearsal Sat. 9 – 4:30ish.  Bring $5.00 and a pot luck dessert…we have a lot to do!!  Come energized with the minuet in G.
April 8 If you are a student in need of some volunteer hours – the Full Gospel Church needs you for stitch ripping for costumes.  Contact Jim Shearer at 937-1901.
Apr. 8 The Grade 12 Cosmetology class will be doing Hair Styling for the Spring Fling Dance today.  Check the list for stylist names and prices in the main office. 
Apr. Grade 12 graduating students…graduation is only a few months away.  Orders for your cap and gown can now be made at the office.  $20.00 will reserve a cap and gown … a requirement for walking across the stage.  If you are choosing not to attend the graduation ceremonies, please fill out a form indicating a cap and gown will not be required.
Mar. – April

Thursdays & Fridays only

Remember:  The Grade 12 Cosmetology class is offering Thursday and Friday lunch hour salon services for the month of April.  Request your stylist on sign-up sheets at room 124A or in the main office.