Eagles Court Sport Results

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Sr. Girls (slideshow, gallery)

The Dryden Eagles went 3 for 4 in court sports today.

The Junior Girls Volleyball team defeated the Broncos in four sets, 25-19, 24-26, 25-19 and 25-9.

The Junior Boys Basketball team chalked up their first win of the season in an edge-of-your-seat 41-35 overtime victory. The boys were tied 33-33 at the end of regulation, but pulled ahead in the five minute overtime period. Leading all scorers were Caine Benham, 12 points,  Kurtis Burnell and Josh Kitt, 11 points each.

“It was the right time of the season to get our first win.  This gives us a great boost in confidence going in to the second half of the year” said Coach Darling, “Strong defence and blocked shots helped a lot, but we still need to improve our skill as a shooting team. The team is learning what to do at the same time they learn how to do it, and that is what will win us the championship.” 

The Senior Girls Volleyball team dispatched the Broncos in three straight, 25-12, 25-12 and 25-14.

The Seniors Boys Basketball team had a rough time with the Broncos, dropping 41-19.

“We need to be more offensive minded” said Coach Lalonde, “The defense worked well, holding them to 41, we just need to start scoring.”

Great work Eagles!

Stay tuned for pics.

See you at the Dryden Arena for Boys Hockey Action!