Building Character at Dryden High School

Grade 9 students trying to Untie the Knot at todays Character Education workshop.

Grade 9 students trying to "Untie the Knot" at todays Character Education workshop.

This Thursday Grade 9 students at Dryden High School participated in the first session of a character education program that will continue for the rest of the year.

Under the guidance of Mr. Dave Lyle, a group of grade 12 students were trained to deliver the workshops to all grade 9 classes.

The grade 9 students were lead through a range of activities that focused on Respect and Kindness, two of the seven character education traits that are focused on here at Dryden High School.

According to student leader David Benham, “The students were a bit shy at first, but they opened up after we played some games with them.” Andrew Andy, another student leader said that “the students came up with some really interesting ideas about respect and kindness.”

The participating students look forward to the sessions next semester.

Thanks to Mr. Dave Lyle of Hello Leadership, and to all of the student participants.