Scooping, Rolling and Pinching their way to the UK!

Friday and Saturday saw the DHS Food and Nutrition room transformed into a perogie making factory as the DHS Ambassadors took part in their yearly fundraising effort.

Over 2600 dozen perogies were produced (that’s over 31000 individual perogies) in a weekend that saw ambassadors, parent volunteers and friends pitching in to raise funds for this year’s trip.

World Travellers Staff Advisor Mme. Lovenuk, who has been co-ordinating perogie fundraisers since 1987, was very happy with the results, saying that “Considering that many participants have never seen a perogy being made before, the project was a complete success.  The dough was soft, the filling was tasty and the pinching was of good quality. Everyone was meticulous in their food handling practices.   Hair bonnets and rubber gloves were the style of the day!  Friday evening’s production broke our previous record.  In 4 hours we made more than 900 dozen…exceptional!”

This year’s trip sees the Ambassadors travelling to Ireland, Scotland and London for 11 days in March. Students will have the chance to visit many famous locations including Blarney Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Big Ben, the London Houses of Parliament and Windsor Castle.

When asked about future perogie sales, Lovenuk said “We have another meeting on October 20th at which time we will determine if we will do another perogy sale or a different fundraising project.  The main goal of our fundraising activities is to build team cohesion and to get to know one another.” Be on the lookout for more great DHS Ambassadors fundraisers!

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