DHS alumni who made the supreme sacrifice during World War II

This information has been compiled from first hand sources. The sources used to compile the information were: discussions with people who remember the veterans; letters sent to family members by the veterans; family documents and newspaper articles published during the Second World War.

Gunner Redvers Albert Adair Royal Canadian Army. Killed on August 31, 1944 in Italy at age 24. Son of Hugh and Rose Adair. Buried at the MONTECCHIO WAR CEMETERY in Italy.
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Mervin Brampton Army, killed in the Netherlands on April 5, 1945. Burried at the HOLTEN CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY in the Netherlands. The great majority of Canadians burried in the Holten Canadian War Cemetery died during the last stages of the war in Holland. At the end of the war, the remains of over 1,300 Canadian soldiers were brought into this cemetery. Please click here to see more information about Cpl. Brampton and to see many pictures of this young man

Roy Evans Click here to see a picture of Roy Evans and to learn about him

Frank James Click here to learn more about Officer Frank James

F/O Leonard Charles Robert Leach , Royal Canadian Air Force, killed in 1942. After a crewman reported ill, Leonard volunteered to take the crewman's place on a bombing mission over Europe. The plane crashed upon returning to England and Leonard Leach was killed. Click here to learn more about Leonard Leach and to see a picture of him

Pilot Officer Alexander Russell McIntyre . Child of Lorraine and Alexander "Sandy" McIntyre. Royal Canadian Air Force, killed in 1943 at age 20 in a training flight over northern England. Buried in BATH (HAYCOMBE)cemetery in Sommerset, United Kingdom. Please see Russell's graduation photo in the class of 1942 on this web site. Click here to read the complete profile

CQMS James William McMonagle . Click here to read a biography of James McMonagle contributed by Mrs. Thea McMonagle

Francis Robert McMonagle Click here to read a biography of Francis Robert McMonagle

Frank Levi Olsen Child of Christian and Mathilda Olsen of Dryden. Air Force. Killed on November 10,1942. Click here to see a picture of Frank Olsen

James Thomas Reid Royal Canadian Air Force. James went missing on September 13, 1942. Enlisted as a navigator, James left on a plane with two or three other airman and the plane never returned to England. Of the 17,000 Canadians who gave their lives in the Canadian Air Force, one-third of all who died have no known grave. James' name is commemorated at the RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL cemetery in Surrey England. Above the entrance way to this cemetery is the following inscription:


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Gordon Allan Smith Child of Francis Theadore Smith and Emma Jane Smith of Wabigoon. Killed on December 6, 1943. More information to follow. Click here to see a picture of Gordon and to see a picture of the cemetery where his name is commemorated

Frank Trist: Killed in active duty in Italy
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William Van Koughnett Killed by a land mine in Holland in 1944 at age 26. Brother of Clifford Van Koughnett. Click here to see a picture of William Van Koughnet and to learn more about him

Private John Heath Vost. Killed on October 30th, 1944. Click here to learn more about John including pictures of John with other Dryden boys.

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A picture of Dryden men who served during WW1.
Pictures of the 94th Battalion in Dryden Contributed by Barb Toskovitch
2 photographs from WW1. Provided by Barb Toskovitch
A picture of a typical post card sent to an enlisted soldier
Pictures as a paratrooper by Harry Dzeoba of Dryden
Picture of an unknown Canadian Soldier
Pictures of Berlin Before World War II
Picture of Nazi Flag through Dryden
Story about Esther Ernewein
Story about Maudi Lundmark
The story of two Holocaust Victims
Map of Jewish people in World made by Nazis
Picture of Jewish People forced to report to police
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May they always be remembered