Dryden Mill Ownership Changes

Date Name Comments
1909-1909 Gordon Pulp and Paper Company First mill burned before completion
1911-1918 Dryden Timber and Power Company Operations began in 1913
1918-1920 Dryden Pulp and Paper Company
1920-1953 Dryden Paper Company
1953 Dryden Paper Company Anglo-Canadian Pulp and Paper Company purchases Dryden Paper Company but there was no change in name or management
1960 Dryden Paper Company Reed Paper Group acquires Anglo-Canadian Paper Mills Limited. NO name change at the mill in Dryden
1975 - 1979 Reed Limited
1979 Great Lakes Forest Products
1988-1994 Canadian Pacific Forest Products Great Lakes Forest Products merges with Canadian International Paper Inc., creating Canadian Pacific Forest Products Limited
1994-1998 Avenor Incorporated
July 24, 1998 Bowater
September 30, 1998 Weyerhaeuser
March 7, 2007 Domtar Pulp and Paper Products

This information was provided by Bonny Skene of Domtar Ltd.